FCS, Incorporated provides a full range of customized janitorial services for each of our customers.  Whether your facility needs once a week service, or around the clock staffing, we can meet your needs.  For the past thirty years we have prided ourselves on meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients.  We understand that each building is different, and it is our job to match the service to the customer.  While many people assume that having a "janitorial service" simply means that you get the building cleaned, we know that it is actually much more complex than that.  When providing a proposal for service, we always take the needs of the customer in to consideration.  Things such as the type of building, number of building occupants, building schedule, and budget are all things that must play a role in developing a program that works for the customer.  Because we service every type of facility imaginable, we know the questions to ask and the proven programs for success in any environment.

When choosing a janitorial contractor, it is essential that the customer be confident in that contractor’s ability to service their facility.  There are thousands of janitorial contractors in the southeast region who service commercial accounts; however, there are far fewer quality janitorial contractors in the region.  Understanding this fact is especially important when seeking a service provider for a substantial amount of square footage or for a high end facility.

FCS, Incorporated ranks in the top 5% of janitorial contractors nationally, based on annual revenue and staff size (statistics provided by Building Service Contractors Association International).  Our company services accounts as small as 3,000 square feet and as large as 1.1 million square feet each and every day.  We provide 24 hour service to multiple customers, and perform special project work as needed.  Our customers include state buildings, educational facilities, industrial plants, call centers, medical offices, permanent care facilities, and churches.  This diverse customer base shows that our staff and management personnel bring a broad and complete understanding of facility janitorial services to each of our customers