FCS, Incorporated has a number of accounts where Day Porter services are required.  A Day Porter can be useful in a number of environments where there is heavy traffic.  In many facilities, such as an industrial facility or event center, cleaning once a day simply is not adequate for maintaining key areas.  Day Porters perform "light duty" cleaning tasks during peak times to keep the facility clean and stocked in between the heavier cleanings which are typically done at night.  In addition to various cleaning functions, our day porters can assist with a number of other facility needs.  These functions may include furniture set up or moving, office supply replenishment, policing of parking lot and grounds, and many more.  Our Day Porters are all in company uniform and equipped with a company phone and/or radio to ensure that they are easily accessible for the facility.  The scheduling of Day Porter services is flexible and completely up to the facility.  Part time and full time services are available.  Industries where we currently provide Day Porter services are as follows:

  • Manufacturing
  • Public buildings
  • Large office buildings
  • Large medical offices

Over the years, we have found that Day Porter services can provide a valuable service for a number of our clients.  Give us a call to see if your facility can benefit from this program!