day porter service

High traffic business locations require a day porter if workspaces need to be continually clean and hygienic. Our day porters maintain consistent light cleaning throughout the day. They ensure floors are clear of debris, trash is removed, surfaces are clean, and items are restocked. They also provide emergency service for spills, plumbing stoppages, and other light maintenance issues. Day Porters ensure building occupants remain on task by maintaining a clean, professional workspace and eliminating housekeeping distractions.

How is a Day Porter Different from a Janitor?

FCS, Inc. day porters work during active office hours and have flexible job responsibilities. Their responsibilities are dictated by the facility’s needs at that moment. In contrast, a janitor’s responsibility is focused on invasive, noisier, and more labor intensive cleaning. A janitor provides cleaning after general working hours and will clean according to an agreed upon scope.

Some facilities, such as hospitals, may employ both day porters and janitors throughout the day to ensure the highest level of cleanliness in a non-stop 24/7 workspace.

Do I Need Day Porter Services?

Most companies utilizing day porter services maintain a large, active customer base or host a large number of daily employees. These include industrial facilities and event centers. Additionally, the needs of the business brand and its onsite presentation must be aligned to a higher standard of cleanliness.

If your business regularly entertains a V.I.P. for a sales pitch, requires a high level of cleanliness, or generates a lot of use throughout the day, then employing a day porter is a wise decision. A day porter is onsite throughout your workday to ensure your facility looks the best at all times.

How Can I Use a Day Porter? 

Since a day porter's work is dictated by the daily needs of an office or facility, typical workday duties include:

  • Keeping restrooms clean and operational.
  • Restocking of toiletries. 
  • Maintaining a clean break room.
  • Emergency spill clean-up.
  • Moving or setting up furniture.
  • Policing of the parking lot and grounds.
  • Keeping a lobby clean and pristine.
  • Breaking down and removing large boxes.
  • Surface cleaning, including reception areas and door handles.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Trash removal.
  • Special cleaning requests.

Why is an FCS Day Porter Different?

FCS, Inc. janitorial day porters excel in technical experience, customer service, and communication. Our day porters arrive in a company uniform and are equipped with a company phone and/or radio to ensure easy facility access. They will ensure your workspace is comfortable, productive, and meets your high expectations for cleaning standards.

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