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Our Customers

Benefits of Contract Cleaning

  • Cost Effective: You have no upfront investment in equipment or training.
  • Efficient: Our technicians are trained to complete the job and have you back up and running quickly.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We have crews available for all shifts, including weekends and nights.
  • Reporting: We can provide complete work reports, including before and after pictures and video, to assist with audits.
  • Safety: Our technicians have numerous safety certifications above and beyond industry requirements.


Our Mission 

FCS Janitorial Services is one of Virginia's leading janitorial companies. Over the past twenty-five years, FCS has provided unmatched professionalism, employee education, and customer service. As a company, FCS' main goal is for continued positive growth and expansion, while maintaining an extremely high level of customer service.

FCS has and continues to hire quality management, supervisory, and general labor personnel. Their firm provides them with all educational training, tools, and equipment needed to ensure success.


Our Services

+ Janitorial Services

FCS, Incorporated provides a full range of customized janitorial services for each of our customers. Whether your facility needs once a week service, or around the clock staffing, we can meet your needs. For the past thirty years we have prided ourselves on meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. We understand that each building is different, and it is our job to match the service to the customer.

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+ Day Porter Services

FCS, Incorporated has a number of accounts where Day Porter services are required. A Day Porter can be useful in a number of environments where there is heavy traffic. In many facilities, such as an industrial facility or event center, cleaning once a day simply is not adequate for maintaining key areas. Day Porters perform "light duty" cleaning tasks during peak times to keep the facility clean and stocked in between the heavier cleanings which are typically done at night.

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+ Hard Floor/Carpet Care

FCS, Incorporated offers complete hard floor and carpet care as a part of a comprehensive janitorial service package, or as a periodic service for customers who may not require regular janitorial service. Hard floor and carpet care are the most difficult jobs within the janitorial industry, and require skilled technicians. Our teams of hard floor and carpet care technicians have years of experience providing high quality services for our customers.

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